Proactive Acne Treatment

Proactive acne treatment is a combination of knowing all aspects of the acne problems you are currently suffering from (research) and then searching out a viable solution even before it erupts even further (action). If you are interested in fighting your acne problem and preventing future acne outbreaks, then keep reading.

Tips For Proactive Acne Treatment

The first step of proactive acne treatment relies on healing the skin blemishes before they have a chance to re-occur and a good starting point of the healing process is to clean the affected areas of the skin, with the help of an effective skin cleanser.
An ideal cleanser to effect a healing of skin blemished by acne is a cleanser that will do the following: 1) exfoliate the skin, and 2) expose the dead skin cells. Exfoliated skin can be treated with benzoyl peroxide which will kill the bacteria that causes the acne to appear in the first place. The added benefit of benzoyl peroxide is that it penetrates the skin pores since the skin has already been exfoliated enough to allow the penetration. This has a double action of healing the skin blemishes and it also attacks the bacteria, which provides a curing and preventive action all at the same time.

Now that you’ve taken care of the immediate issue, the next step is to control the acne by choosing a proven skin toner. Make sure that the skin toner you pick does not contain any alcohol and also make that that it is water-based. A good skin toner should assist with removing dead skin cells and also helps with unplugging clogged pores, which allows the skin to stay healthy and acne-free. Another great benefit of the skin toner is that it also removes excess oil which usually forms on skins that are prone to acne development. Using a skin toner on a regular basis helps balance the skin tone and also ensures that your skin remains acne-free and also free the oils that cause the pores to clog in the first place.

Once the healing process is under way, you then need to take the necessary steps to recover lost ground. This means applying a repairing lotion regularly on your skin. The skin at this stage may be acne-free but the scars of whiteheads and blackheads are just skin deep. Applying an oil-free repairing lotion that will heal blackheads and whiteheads is the next recommended step. This last step will ensure that your skin blemishes are a thing of the past.
DisclaimerPlease keep in mind that we are not dermatologists here at Acne Help Today. This was posted for informational purposes only. Please consult your doctor and/or dermatologist regarding you health/acne issues.

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