Anti Acne Serum - 1.69oz

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Each ingredient in the Seboderm Solution is highly effective due to it’s rich content. It’s all-in-one solution that has all necessary functional ingredients to enhance “troubled skin” such as keratin care ,control, alleviation, strengthening, rejuvenation, hydration, and prevention of dehydration. Main ingredients : Houttuynia cordata extract, meadow suite extract, arctium lappa root extract, zinc sulfate and other NO : STEROID, ARABEN,BENZOPHENONE

  • Seboderm ACNE Solution is designed for complete skin care from basic to trouble skin care , with a single product application.
  • Clear pores and blemishes
  • Absorbs excess sebum and impurities
  • Renews skin texture and reduces the appearance of redness with its clearing action.
  • Over 20 natural extracts and best ingredients naturally restore the skin, and fight ACNE. PORE REDUCER and oily skin solution .

This is clinically proven to reduce sebum by 39% and improve fine lines by 28 percent. Formulated to treat adult acne, this product also corrects the signs of damage resulting from blemishes and aging such as enlarged pores, rough texture and even fine lines.
Lightweight and delicate formulation that helps in regulating the seborrheic glands and improving the cells’ cohesion for a clean and fresh skin texture. ANTI SEBUM SOLUTION


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