ARNALIA Acne Care Treatment

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HANDPICKED and WILD-GROWN INGREDIENTS – All ingredients are 100% wild-grown and sustainably hand-picked in the wilderness of British Columbia, Canada. Arnalia puts the environment first. For example, we pick the cottonwood buds from branches that have fallen during storms, and nuts and cones are picked only once they have naturally fallen from the trees. Arnalia also takes care of the environment by using recyclable packaging.
ACNE TREATMENT – FREE FROM ARTIFICIAL CHEMICALS – Our 100% Natural, organic acne skin care balm is free from fragrances, gluten, paraben, GMOs, perfumes, colorants, dyes, fluoride, petroleum, and preservatives. It’s so pure, you won’t find any fillers – NOT even water to dilute its concentrated goodness.
ANCESTRAL RECIPE using VITAMIN PRESERVING PROCESS – This old family acne cream recipe was passed down with love from my Grandmother, a well known natural healer. Part of the success of this scar cream recipe is the process that is used to preserve the nutritional content. Wildly grown herbs have a tremendous amount of vitamins and minerals. The production line consists of only glass and wood instruments. Unlike metal, these ecologically friendly materials save all vitamins and minerals.
REPAIR and REBUILD – This all natural balm is cleansing, hydrating, moisturising, nourishing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and disinfecting. It can help with acne, cystic acne treatment, whiteheads, pimples, acne scar removal, scar healing, blackheads, balancing the PH level of your skin and removing trapped oils under the skin. These oils are food for bacteria that cause acne. Removing excess oil and preventing bacteria will normalise your skin’s function.
EASY TO USE and NATURAL SUNBLOCK – We recommend spreading a thin layer on your clean face in the morning and before bedtime (CAUTION – CONTAINS NUTS). It’s not oily so it’s easy to absorb and will leave you skin feeling smooth and silky. The organic ingredients also have a natural protection from UV- rays – SPF8 (Sun Protection Factor). By using Arnalia you can avoid all of the chemicals contained in regular sunblock.

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