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Selevax - #1 Scar Cream for Old and New Scars

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Selevax – #1 Scar Cream for Old and New Scars


Hello there! Senvie Skin Care is the name, and I’m a new scar cream full of nutrient rich oils, butters, vitamins and antioxidants. I simply adore clear, smooth skin, and I know you do, too. Wait – you don’t have clear and smooth skin? You have red and raised scars on your body? Oh no. I know how it must feel when you look in a mirror: the first things you see are those flaws and that discoloration. They stand out against your skin’s natural splendor and get in the way of you feeling like your most gorgeous self. I know you simply want them to go away. Well, I can help you. It doesn’t matter what color skin you have – brown, black, white or anything in between, I’m perfect for all skin types.

Benefits Of Using Selevax Scar Cream


I may be a luxury scar remover cream, but you will see that my price won’t put a dent in your purse. I want to make sure that your skin experiences the high quality it deserves at a price you can afford. Use me everyday, and I promise to help you with your scars and bring out the clearest, smoothest skin. In fact, you will NEVER know those marks were ever there! You’ll only know who took them away: Selevax from Senvie Skin Care – your new best friend, for your new best skin.


When you shop with us you’re doing a great thing, helping children who are hungry and need food. You see, we’re not just a fabulous skin care brand, we’re out to make the world a better place too. Orders yours now and consider buying another one for your best friend. You’ll be glad you did.

SMOOTH SKIN NEVER FELT SO GOOD – Our amazing natural scar cream works deep down to get rid of the appearance of scars & gives you clear, smooth skin. Make the next look in the mirror a happy one.

YOUR PARTNER WON’T BELIEVE YOUR SMOOTHER, CLEARER LOOK – Selevax’s powerful scar removal cream and acne scar treatment works on the face, abs, back, chest, knees, legs and other external areas of the body & skin.

EVERY JAR SOLD HELPS A CHILD IN NEED – We don’t just sell an amazing scar remover cream, we want to make the world a better place too. A portion of the proceeds of every sale goes to the Save The Children Foundation. It’s our way of doing what we can to give back and make the world better a place.

IT’S SAFE AND EASY TO USE – Selevax is made in the USA in a FDA registered facility to ensure safety and potency. Simply apply twice a day to get rid of dark spots and restore your confidence. Compare to the leading acne scar treatment and scar gel.

GET READY TO FALL IN LOVE – You are the going to love Selevax Scar Cream. We know you’re a big deal, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure your completely satisfied. You’ll only get the finest product and service around, or your money back! Try us out and get a full 90 days to see why Selevax is the #1 scar cream.



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