LEOKOR Stainless Steel Blackhead Remover Kit

LEOKOR Stainless Steel Blackhead Remover Kit

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Say goodbye to blackhead and pimple with LEOKOR Premium Blackhead Tweezer Kit

Below is the suggest steps to use this kit.Always remember – be gentle!

1. Cleanse your face with warm water. A hot steamy shower or sauna will help open pores further and is easy to clean up.
2. Use the squeezing tool to press down the acne/blackhead by placing it inside the circle, then move the tool gently and slowly until the hole reaches its steel wire – a lot of people think the loop is there to press straight down on top. But the best way to use it is to create gentle pressure from one side, and ease it out.This forces the blockage out as .you move the tool over the top.
3. Use one of the straight/bent acne remover/blackhead extractor (depends on your own need), with the clamp’s tip picking on the acnes, then to pull/take them out.
4. For using the extractor for nose blackheads, you will need to adjust the angle.You might not be able to get the whole loop over blockages right in the side of your nose. Instead, use the edge of the loop and ease it out, again ‘scraping’ across the top.
5. Cleanse your skin again, then apply toner and moisturizer.
6. Always wash the tool in hot soapy water/alcohol and allow to air dry.
Package List:
3 * blackhead extractor tweezers
2 * Skin care needles
1 * PU Leather case
1 * 3X Zoom Flat Mirror

Safe Material: Blackhead remover tool kit are made of 100% medical stainless steel, sterilize the acne tools with medical alcohol before you use, minimize risk of infections, healthy and safe

Function: The facial care kit is suitable for removing blackheads, acne, pimple and other blemishes, keep your face from acne agony

Profession: You can use the comedone remover tools at home or in a beauty salon, it is professional treatment tool kit

Package: 5 different practical blackhead remover kit, contains 2 blackhead remover needles + 3 tweezers in the carry case, suitable for outgoing, traveling

Magnification Makeup Mirror: this carry case comes with a 3x Magnification Mirror, make sure every detail of your face and treat your acne accurately


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