Oil Control Acne Kit - 30 Day Set

Oil Control Acne Kit - 30 Day Set

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The Oil Control Acne Kit is a 3 piece set with Oil Control Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer
✔️ 3 STEP ACNE & OILY SKIN CONTROL – 30 DAY KIT Daily Natural Acne Skin Care Regime to control oil production, prevent breakouts and help keep skin acne free and vibrant. This 30 Day Acne Kit includes a Deep Cleansing Face Wash (2oz), a Refreshing and Balancing Toner (2 oz) and Acne fighting Oil Free Moisturizer (1 oz). Made with Organic and Natural Ingredients.
✔️CLEANSER DISSOLVES OIL, DIRT & MINIMIZES PORES This Oil Free Cleanser face wash is a refreshing foaming gel with natural ingredients to deep cleanse, combat clogged pores and keep oil production under control. The facial soap cleanses, removes impurities, excess oils, dead skin cells and makeup without drying the skin. Leaves your skin clarified, soft, smooth and pH balanced
✔️TONER: OIL CONTROL & CLARIFYING. A refreshing blend of active natural botanicals to help normalize oily skin, revitalize pores and reduce blotchiness. Leaves your skin hydrated, smooth and Ph balanced. REDUCES BLOTCHINESS: Linolenic Acid, Lemon Bioflavonoids and Allantoin helps keep skin clean and reduces blotchiness. While Rosemary, Hops and Witch-Hazel pH balances. REFRESH AND TONE: Vitamin E and Aloe & Citric Acid refresh and tone leaving your skin smooth, and hydrated.
✔️OIL FREE MOISTURIZER & ACNE TREATMENT IN ONE: Mattifying moisturizing cream helps to clear acne blemishes, control oil production, unclog pores and also helps prevent future breakouts and acne scars: This moisturizer lotion for oily skin is made with organic and natural ingredients. Salicylic + Lactic Acid, Cinnamon, Aloe, Tea Tree oil, Witch Hazel, St Johns Wort & Lemon Peel
✔️BEST NATURAL SYSTEM FOR MEN & WOMEN of all ages. A safe and effective daily skin care regime treatment with out harsh medication or chemicals. Even for suitable for sensitive skin. Helps calm inflammation and supports healing of acne breakouts. OUR PROMISE TO YOU: Concept Skin offers a 60 day Zero Risk 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


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