Exfoliating Scrub - Organic Face and Body Cleanser

Exfoliating Scrub - Organic Face and Body Cleanser

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A gentle natural detox exfoliation designed for the face and whole body.


– Unlike Any Scrub You Have Ever Used 

– Manuka Honey, Aloe & Food Based Ingredients Promotes Overall Healthy Hair

Sulfate Free Manuka Honey Microdermabraision 

The most common problem with most scrubs is they are made with salts, sugar, and nut shells. Looking under a magnifying glass you will notice the jagged edges. They are getting rid of dead skin, however they are cutting away at the good skin cells still attached causing more dead skin and building up bacteria.

We don’t use sulfates, perfumes, fragrance, or parabens. We are gluten free, alergy free, and VEGAN.

Dermachange Microdermabrasion Scrub is PH balanced at 4.5PH to gently exfoliate without salt, sugar or nut shells – concentrated – no water! Our perfectly round microcrystalin balls have a negative charge to act like a magnet literally extracting dead skin and removing toxins and impurities.

We don’t use any fragrances, perfumes, in any of our products as these tend to irritate freshly exfoliated skin.

Guaranteed to show results or your money back.

Start Loving your new softer skin

MICROCRYSTAL ROUNDED EDGES FOR A CLOSER EXFOLIATION: No coarse salts or sugars that irritate skin but rounded soft edged exfoliating particles
REMOVE AND DISSOLVE DEAD SKIN: Our microcrystalyn exfoliation particles along with our acid based 4.5 PH will dissolve those dead skin cells and roll them right off with water and down the drain! All the while infusing your newly exposed layer of skin with healing agents, vitamins and minerals.
ATTRACT DEAD SKIN OUT OF YOUR PORES: Our unique formula uses particles negatively charged to act like magnets to extract additional toxins from the skin.
ORGANIC AND NATURAL INGREDIENTS: We use all organic and natural ingredients in our exfoliator with no chemicals. We use Manuka Honey, Aloe vera, coconut extracts and a variety of botanicals.
TREAT A VARIETY OF CONDITIONS: A perfect treatment for acne, psoriasis and eczema. For acne it will extract the bacteria and contaminants causing breakouts. It will also detox eczema to allow for better skin healing and breathing. Makes a great Xmas present.


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