Vegan Cleanser Face Wash Soap 3.4 oz

Vegan Cleanser Face Wash Soap 3.4 oz

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Handle Problematic Oily Skin the Natural Way!

Do you Have Sensitive Skin that Breaks Out Easily?
Do you Have Trouble Unclogging Pores with Regular Facial Washing?

Many Over-The-Counter Soaps and Creams Leave a Chemical Residue Behind After Washing, Clogging Pores and Creating Blemishes…

Aya Natural’s Cleansing Soap is pure and natural, made from Shea butter and vegan plant-based oils like Olive, Avocado, Jojoba and Sweet Almond. Just wash and rinse, and your skin is deep-down clean, with virtually no residue left on your skin.

The next step is applying the wonderful facial cream, also blended shea butter and natural oils with essential oil ingredients like Lemon, Tea Tree and Bergamot, to disinfect, soothe and calm sensitive blemishes!

The cream absorbs easily, without leaving greasy residue, and works all night to help blemishes fade fast. It works on all skin types, even combination and sensitive skin. Enjoy the scent of fresh rose, the cleansing tingle of tea tree, and the soft, supple, blemish-free skin you’ve always dreamed of…

Why Customers LOVE This Awesome Kit?

• 100% Vegan 99.7% Natural Ingredients Moisturize Without Greasy Film
• Tea Tree Oil Disinfects and Helps Skin’s Normal Balance
• No Additives to Cause Dry, Itchy Skin
• Retained Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants and Fatty Acids Nourish Skin
• Rose and Geranium Oils and Shea Butter Provide Deep-Down Clean and Nourishment
• No Alcohol, No Petrochemical Ingredients, No Artificial Fragrances / Colors, Environmental Friendly, Not Tested on Animals

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100% Vegan 99.7% Natural Face Cream & Moisturizing Facial Soap, helps restore Problematic Oily Skin to Its Natural Balance
Calms & Moisturizes Highly Sensitive Skin so Your Skin will be Less Irritated and inflamed, Offers Quick and Soothing Relief Therapy
Prevents and Helps Rid of Pimples. Suitable for All Skin Types and Any Age, Both Teens & Adults
No Additives, No SLS & No Alcohol, Helps Skin Recover Fast With No Drying, Itching or Redness
Provides a Fresh Light Floral Natural Scent so Your Skin Feels Fresh and Smells Clean Throughout the Day!


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