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The new Cordless Bright Therapy Trident SR11A gives you 3 LED Lights in 1! The hand held LED Cluster employs SUPER BRIGHT High Power LED Lights Therapy treatments to beatify your skin. BT-SR11A offers 4 different LED color frequencies. Featuring 3 detachable LED Cluster heads! The Trident works great for giving a more beautiful, radiant and youthful complexion. It is the ultimate non-chemical, all natural approach to beautiful skin. The Trident’s High Power High Output LEDs are rated at over 10,000 hours of continuous use. They will never burnout or need to be replaced. The Trident’s mono-chromatic light is tuned to preciously to give the maximum benefit and effectiveness. Safe, fast, affordable. Included are the:
*LED hand held base.
*Red and Infrared SUPPER BRIGHT LED treatment head (660nm Red and 880nm Infrared)
*Blue SUPPER BRIGHT LED Treatment Head (415nm Blue) *Green SUPPER BRIGHT LED Treatment Head (525nm Green)
*110-240v AC Adapter which works worldwide. (USA style plug shape)
*Instruction booklet in English
*1 year warranty -Programmable pulsing (5Htz) -Built in 10 minute timer with auto shutoff.
* 3 light therapy systems in one. FIRST LED light system with 3 interchangeable heads.
CORDLESS! 30 minute treatment per charge. ONLY Bright Therapy the original maker and only offers the Cordless version!
-Easy operation. Only 2 buttons. 10 minute timer.
-LEDs last 10,000 hours, l never burnout or need to be replaced
-Drug Free, See results in just days.


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